1. Hi Everyone, I hope you enjoyed my video today! As mentioned in today's video, I'm a big believer in the Voyager app, making Bitcoin and crypto accessible to everyone. If you'd like to sign up, here is my affiliate referral link: https://voyager.onelink.me/WNly/referral?af_sub5=BF2598
    And, here is my Voyager code: BF2598
    (IMPORTANT: Please make sure to actually enter the code BF2598 when registering your account. When registering your account, there should be a field to enter a referral code.)
    Once you sign up, deposit $100, and use the $100 to purchase crypto (including Bitcoin/BTC), you AND I will both receive $25 in free Bitcoin/BTC from Voyager.

    If you've been around a long time on my dividend investing channel, you will know that I rarely share a referral link. I’m sharing here because I truly believe in this app and am personally using on a routine basis, as outlined in the video today.

Wishing you all the greatest, and I look forward to seeing you in the comments section below!

  2. Aaaaand Subbed. Easy click after subbing the other channel back in 2019. Been a huge inspiration. Thanks for the effort.

  3. I have been subscribed to your dividend channel for many years! It's good to see you now making videos about crypto! Subbed to ppcian crypto! 👍

  4. I can’t find voyager token on voyager 🙁 what’s the ticker/how can I hop on this interest boost? !!

    Edit: AMAZING VIDEO 💎🙏🏼🧠

  5. Is anyone else having issues withdrawing funds back to their bank account from this app? I haven't been able to for 2 weeks now and not a single human response from customer service?!!

  6. I’m thinking about transferring just enough from coinbase to meet the minimum requirements to earn interest on the tokens they pay interest on. Any feedback?

  7. Fantastic intro to crypto investing in the Voyager app looking forward to the next video

  8. This channel is amazing. Would also love to see your take on BlockFi and their 8.6% interest rates on GUSD.

  9. Ian there’s waiting list now on Voyager, also…are you sure your link is still in good standing??

  10. Hey Ian I am glad to be part of your cypto community Look forward to seeing great content in this space Stay safe

  11. I didnt know you had a crypto channel I remember your dividend stock channel this is awesome

  12. So.. if you have 1000 usdc and the interest is 8.5% …

    You'll make $85 a month from this?

    Or divide $85 by 12??

    Which is it? Thanks!

  13. 1) Question about BTC within the voyager. Does the investor get the appreciation of the BTC to the moon? Is this a place to hodl?

    2) Question for fixed income / cash flow returns can the monthly returns be distributed to say… PayPal?

  14. Voyager lending is runned by Celsius check it out great company, bigger rates on usdc doing directly with Celsius

  15. Didn’t even know this channel exist and I’ve been watching all your videos. Just subscribed.

  16. Crypto Ponzi scheme. Where do they earn that interest? Do they sell cheesburgers for profit? Real central bank stable coins will have negative interest rates

  17. Happily surprised to see you here, there is a lot to unpack in the DeFi / CeFi Yield Farming / Staking space, looking forward to seeing what you come up with, its one of the reasons I got long in crypto in 2020 also.

  18. Voyager app will not accept an Anytime Mailbox virtual address for KYC, so don't bother with this app if you are a digital nomad and don't have access to a physical address. There are other apps you can use to buy and sell crypto when you are on the move.

  19. Hey Ian I just wanted to tell you my experience. So I downloaded the voyager app, I transferred $50 worth of chainlink to voyager. Once I did that I wanted to see if I could covert this coin into another coin. There were no option for that on voyager. That’s fine. So I was like I’ll just move my coins back. Voyager charged me $12 fee just to move it. Ouch!

  20. So impressed you found voyager and talking about crypto, I thought you were one track mind on dividend only stocks! Actually, I just realized this is a different channel.

  21. Thanks for this video Ian, I would like to know about this type of asset in general, do you pay taxes on crypto, or on the interest earned by crypto? I wonder if in the sad event someone passes away, will their crypto be given to their beneficiary or will it be sold and the cash goes to their beneficiary. So I would like to learn more, best of luck to you. Power to you starting out on a new journey with a new financial app and a new source of wealth!

  22. Interesting…Personally I'm waiting for the HUMBL app soon to be made available for the U.S. for the ETXs. Thanks for the info on Voyager.

  23. You should also check Coinbase Wallet. It is a separate app from Coinbase where you can also earn interest on crypto, with USDC as well. The yields are similar. Also, remember that this is usually a floating yield that will be changing constantly.

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