Wanting At The Beginning Chart Of Bitcoin With Vedic Astrology

Right here I learn the beginning chart of the genesis block of bitcoin from the standpoing of tropical vedic astrology. The strategies of Parashara and Jaimini are profoundly insightful utilized to this chart.
ॐ नमो भगवतॆ वासुदेवाय
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  1. Nice astrophilosphy …….
    Which house does this currency represent in a chart?? Is it different from cash???

  2. please can you recommend astro software which its data get updated with nasa also what is the official date birth and time you used for bitcoin chart

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  6. Thorough video given the time. I love how you emphasize the basics of astrology. Just shows you that really, the basics when understood deeply are in many ways the core of being able to interpret charts successfully.

  7. I saw Chris Brennan’s vid on Bitcoin; I cast this chart and tried interpreting it but was lost. I guess this shows the difference between those who do it for a living and those who are enthusiasts. I still can’t wrap my head around western astrologers not using Nakshatras or dasas, or even Avasthas, as I couldn’t imagine not using these techniques/calculations. Then again, there are Hellenistic techniques that are very powerful that we don’t typically use (ex. Bonification, Maltreatment). Great vid as always Corey!

  8. I have gotten into stocks out of nowhere. Never gave a shit. But running Saturn/Ketu Saturn ruling the 8th, ketu in the 8th. And currently 6 planets transit 8th. Guess I needed that big of a jump start but I’m in. About to research.

  9. That was great! I am studying with Ernst Wilhelm). Your explanation based on Parashara and Jaimini so cool and simple the same time.
    I love you videos because you do it your way and it’s so interesting and inspiring of course you follow all knowledge and principles but you really astrologer!
    And it’s so interesting that I am ♍️ Lg watching you video today on a day of new moon with 5 other planets being in ♒️ in my 6 house !!! 👍❤️🙏

  10. Amazing! Please more 🙂 Also maybe take a look into other cryptos (like Hashgraph Hedera) that seem to be more of globalist brainchilds.

  11. I would love to see the varsha val (the Bitcoin chart you showed in the beginning) for feb and March for Bitcoin

  12. Don’t you reccomend that If one is trading through cryptocurrency that they have a good mercury in their D4 chart?

  13. Amazing video 🤩 western astrology is missing on so much. I really like what you’ve said also about genetic material being next big thing. Sounds like nice prediction for future

  14. Correction – there are numerous Vedic astrologers who have done analysis on Bitcoin years before you bought it.

  15. Take a look at kylin listed on 5th March 2021, it looks so hell bullish in early 2022 and this year between 6th April to 13th September 2021

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