Who ought to spend money on Bitcoin? – OMG Astrology Secrets and techniques 64

Possibility 2: Bitcoin Studying –

We talk about Who ought to spend money on Bitcoin? – OMG Astrology Secrets and techniques 64.

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  1. Libra ascendant L10 in 5th house ,5th lord in 8th house L2 in 11th house conj 11th lord

    L5 saturn nav pancham uranus close deg and aspected neptune

    is above combination suitable share trading (mercury in 10th)

  2. These r clear speculation in a very high level .. so obviously not all ppl going get benefits..
    My prediction it’s high risk to invest now ..it will go down more.

  3. Great, Tauras ascendant, Saturn in 8th with uranus and neptune Aspected by Jup in 2nd house. Does Jup being functional melific make losses here??

  4. Wow bhabajeet’s mind now forced/affected by material world. This is pure gambling. One person gain by other person money only in this field. Honda owner get BMW and maruti owner becaome beggar here. I dont know who is responsible for this sin – investor(gambler), market controler or advisor ( technical or spiritual). Best of luck.

  5. Cancer asc, I have Mercury in 8th, Jupiter in 5. My second lord is in 9th and 11th Lord Venus is in 8th. Is that a what you were referring to? I also have Saturn & Venus along with Mercury in the 8th House

  6. In my horoscope,risaba is lagna.ragu and mars in kadakam.
    sun,jupiter,saturn in kanya.mercury in Libra.moon and venus in viruchika..venus dhasa running.what will be effect on btc trade.?.give gain or pain to me…?

  7. What if 8th lord is combust but I have the combos you are talking about in the 8th house

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