Why Ethereum Mining Earnings are Down

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  1. PLease, What wallet GOOD for for Zcash…Or perhaps a n alternative to Raven coin because on older cards like RX570 are not good hash rate on Raven. Zcash or something else might be better…

  2. Yeah – its not that profitable like weeks before, but it is still worth the eletricity and for more or less doing nothing.. just let it run and run and run.. 🙂

  3. Just subscribed looking forward to more content on mining, got my 3090, old 2070S and old 1070 going!

  4. i am one of this idiots that will sell his gpus sorry i would also not work for half money also i don’t waste my hardware for underpayment , always remember do what is good for you. but for small miners it’s the death in my eyes , i mean death for eth mining sure if u got a farm and only got 10 k a month my not 20 than u can live with it , always remember this guys can’t sell all because it’s there life when i read the only rookies will sell 😂believe me sell the old gpu series and wait for a catch of the 30s series .

  5. There’s plenty of transactions, hence the congestion.
    The problem is miners “choosing” not to validate the ones with small fees.

  6. Subscribed purely because of how smoothly you rolled that “if you enjoy the game let’s go ahead and do it, hit the sub button….”

  7. Thst last bit at the end is the truth. I enjoy the game. Would love to hope on HiveOs but been mining to a pool already and don’t want to start the building process when market jumps back up. Love and hate what do to do.

  8. I will try to say this respectfully, but to suggest not to buy GPUs currently somewhat contradicts the coverage on the best mining GPUs.

  9. I’ve invested in ethereum and I’m in a dying need of a graphic card, In a weird situation right now .

  10. last week I was crushing it almost 100% more than today, and the bugger is ive set up my hash rate to be slightly higher…

  11. Why you don’t denounce the fake transactions are generating the big mining pools and are fuking to every miners ¿

  12. Lol don’t buy graphics cards…because the less people are mining the more profits YOU can make lol…I like the kid who called you a doucheTuber

  13. Everyone that have bought a 3080 for 1500$ Will have their ROI in more than 1 year… not bad… after that ETH mining is over and they haven’t make shi*** LOL 😂

  14. Hi
    thanks for videos – very good – how can I tell if money is coming into the network or out of the network ?

  15. i made 60 bucks already with my two older gpu’s thanks to finding this channel its great lots of good info

  16. ismicro com has some 3070s and 3080s in stock last time I checked, they ship from overseas but yeah the prices are okay at least

  17. I always get this sign that says you got 2500 coins in under ten mins and It makes you wait for eight or nine minutes does that sound right I’m not sure just getting started in something new

  18. Thanks for this great video it has been helpful to us. As an investor, it’s almost inevitable that you’re not going to experience ups and downs along the way of investing for yourself but trading with an expert who would guide you in making huge profits is the best. Think about Mrs Olivia Williams

  19. You should, post a step by step cheap pc or mining rig to mine! Im trying to get into this, I dont know where to start..

  20. Thank you very much for your videos. Best wishes to you and your family.

    PS. oh btw im a newb miner, just one year, but just my 2 cents on pools. I used to mine on Ethermine for over half a year and then decided to check out HiveOnPool for a week and i found my hashrate and earnings were lower. I suppose thats about getting shares as you mentioned.

  21. Just because my PC build has only one part left which is GPU (for 5 months), I found this video. I am not blaming otherwise I just learnt something I’ve never heard before..

  22. Nice video!!! Very engaging from the beginning to end. neverthless business and investment are the easiest way of making money 💰.

  23. Hi! can you please tell me what’s the name of the soundtrack on this video? it’s so chilling and cool 😀 thanks!

  24. I saw this video When You released it but I came back here via Google search…

    I noticed that ethereum is above $2,000 but it seems like the profits are less right now (4-3-21)… Hmmmm

  25. So for all of us out there just got few 3070s, and started mining eth what do we do now, keep mining and save eth or just , mine till the payout and sell for cash ?

  26. Yeah…so sad to make @100-150$ a month with 1 video card (2080) while i’m at work and I can at the end of the month pay all utilities with just 1 video card lol

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