Why is my hashrate low?!

I’ve answered this in different movies but it surely retains getting requested so here’s a devoted video on why your hashrates are low.

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  1. you can allways give up mining because is a shty job that ruins us gamers who really need the videocards for what are made for and really work for the money to get them :)))

  2. My ZOTAC 1080TI literally just dropped from 45mH to 19mH and I cannot get it to go back up, I restarted, lowered my clocks, etc… and nothing. My understanding of this video is now I need to change the thermal pads, is this correct?

  3. Hey man!!!
    I’m really watching your videos and I like them
    But I can’t find a overclock for my xfx rx 580 8gb
    I really tried to do them well, but I can’t succeed.
    I’m now getting 30.1 each
    And the internet it’s full of rx 580 getting 31-32
    If you can help I’ll appreciate
    Or anyone if they can help I’ll appreciate it to.
    But please don’t come with overclocks for other brands, I tried them.

  4. Is Prime XBT like coinbase where I can transfer my bitcoin to their platform, sell it, and then withdraw as USD to my bank account?

  5. What I would recommend on the 3000 series nvidia cards is to keep the VRAM temperature below 100 C or 212 F, otherwise it will cause premature failure.

  6. My Unpaid Balance in ETH went down from yesterday to today, note that i have Unpaid in ETH value, because $ will always change.

  7. My hash rates are pretty normal but the returns are much lower – had a good run, made some good cash, I’m gonna jump out and sell some cards on ebay for the gamers at decent prices.

  8. Anyone notice ethermine changed there payout policy as of February 23rd? I just stumbled upon it. I have a 1 3080 gaming Pc that mines 22 hours a day approx. now minimum payment is .1eth instead of .05eth. If it’s over .05 it’ll auto payout every 7 days. If there’s a balance of .1 or over it will payout every 14 days. There’s also some info about gas fees that you’ll have to read yourself. Just go into ethermine/settings and it’s there in policy. Just thought some of us small players might want to know

  9. Replaced thermal pads 2mm on my gigabyte 3080 gaming oc and then the BACKPLATE CAN add 3MM!!! He has a tutorial and multiple tutorials is best.
    Initial 93 MHs/
    Thermal pad replacement without replacing backplate or adding back plate pads: 75 mh/s
    Full Thermalpad replacement (inside the graphics card front & back ): 98-100 mh/s

    Thermal pads are important as fuck, well atleast for my gigabyte 3080.
    Thank God ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽

  10. I replaced the pad on my Gigabyte 2080 Ti and it made a huge difference. I put Kryonaut on the GPU and replaced the memory pads with 0.5mm Minus Pad 8’s. 70% power limit (can do 140% with nodded bios for games), 55% fan, 80C gpu temp, 180 watts, 57mh/s. Before the compound it was 250w, 88c, 100% fan, 57mh/s. Much less card voltage and power for the same hash rates, should last longer now.

  11. I’d love to see a video about pinging mining pools, any small advantage helps. keep the great content coming.

  12. Need some help Chums, Got my new gaming pc yesterday, ordered in early Feb had a delay on shipping and it arrived yesterday. I thought after seeing the Nvidia nerf announcement (while waiting to ship) that I was in the clear bein it was a geforce 3090 since it will be mining while not gaming. Following Sons page for a minute now along w several other – tweaked msi settings back and forth for eth mining on both ethermine and nicehash as a test. I can start off strong with 119 mhs but a few short summaries later my power is throttling down from mid 300’s to around 235 and dropping hashrate from 1teens to mid 80s within 2 mins. temp stays below 50c *** DID NVIDIA FUCK OVER 3090’S ALREADY or am I missing something****?????

  13. I’m not sure which video I was watching – maybe your best to worst cards for mining video? this is the last one I watched and I guess I’m wondering your thoughts on whether to mine or sell? I stopped selling the cards I was getting(i use snailbot) with intention of mining and have currently accumulated x3 rx 6800 x1 rx 6800xt (I haven’t been happy with the amount charged on the rtx cards I’ve processed so always cancelled before shipping and only just added 3060 ti) and now I’ve added 5700 & 5700 xt to the list of potential bot purchases. And I just got one – a Powercolor Red Devil 5700 xt AND IT COSTS $732?!?! WTF?!? Thats almost 200 days to payoff – I should cancel that right away right?

  14. I really dig my msi gaming trio 3090. Luckily bought before the tariffs at $1,790 for gaming(star citizen in particular) but ended up mining when not in use since the entire build is under 5 year warranty anyway🤷

  15. I always getting higher payout in nicehash higher than estimated amount on what to mine. I have experience lower payout on nanopool

  16. my 3070 is from gigabyte but it never passes 50c but still gives me 45~MH/s 🙁

  17. A massive thank you for all the time you spend on these videos, thanks to you I changed my pool this morning. I was reporting 65 and getting 25 on the pool, I now have a 12 hour average of 75! 🙂

  18. If you have your card hooked up to a high resolution display, the card having to display the image can put a huge drop in your hash rate. I recommend starting the miner of choice, then quickly unplugging the display before it gets started.

  19. In your opinion the same thing should be with Aorus series? I currently have 3080 Aorus master and getting like 98-100 MH/s

  20. I can’t see to find any information on it but i am mining RVN with a 2080 super. it doesn’t seem to matter what i mine with it but it eventually goes to 0 Mh/s on the hash rate and can’t recover and eventually seems to happen no matter what miner i use or os does anyone know how to fix this issue? (This is a relatively recent problem i was not getting this problem when i started)

  21. I’m having issues. When I add the 3rd gpu the 1st 570 gets 21mh the 2nd gets 14mh and the 3rd gets 5mh. I’ve tried everything I can think of. All on risers, some on risers. Non on risers. Also if I run the cards one at a time they run fine. Only when all together. All 3 are gigabyte rx570s on an evga 850w psu.

  22. could u explain me why my hashrate is halving when i added another 3070 rtx ? my hashrate was like 50-52 for one but when i added the second one the hasrate dropped to 25 each card so in total i’m the same like one card is running, could u help me with this issue ?

  23. I watch your stuff alot. I’m new to crypto mining. I’m more of a buyer but I’ve heard a ton of down talk on aliemware 3080 which I just bought and a ryzen. Took the metal panel off booted quickminer did my own clocking and boom 92-94 mh at 96° 24/7 for a month now. Hot ik but 0 mods but clocks and taking the shell door off. It will pay for itself less then a year and I paid cash. Again I’m new but its income and 0 issues

  24. In my case there is other reason for low hashrate than pads or OC. Sometimes my hashrate dropped from 90MHps to around 50-60MHps. It was not overheating (no throttling) and OC settings didn!’t change. It was somehow caused by display (i have 2x 4k display connected to it). When I turn off one of the displays than the hashrate imediately increases back. I don’t know why.

  25. My 3070 and 2060 goes from 60 and 30 to 15 and 8 and sometimes even zero. It goes up again when i move my mouse and drops when im not doing anything. Any idea why?

    My power modes are on never sleep and max energy. no energy saving settings…

  26. mine is just all over the place. it goes up then down. like a lot. nicehash calculator says $4.02/day im getting 1.50-2.40 a day.

    PS i have a nivida 3060

  27. I have another sort of issue. My card is only using up 90-100W now. On normal days it used to use upto 150-160W. If anyone knows any solutions I am up for it thanks

  28. Thermal throttling is a bitch. A lot of the 3080 models are having a lot of issues with thermal throttling.

  29. I am currently getting 97MH/z Reported on my 3070 and vega 56 combo. This ran smoothly for a couple days and now my current hash rate has dropped to ~65 MH/z with 0-1 stale shares for the past 20 hours while my reported is still at 97MH/z……. I have searched the web and found different explanations but I dont see any errors and my cards are running around 55c.. Any thoughts?

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