Why LocalBitcoins Gave Up Customers’ Privateness | COO at Oldest P2P Bitcoin Trade Explains

LocalBitcoins COO Elena Tonoyan explains how the oldest peer-to-peer trade is efficiently decreasing legal exercise on its platform.

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  1. 1:01 What differentiate LocalBitcoins from traditional crypto exchanges?
    2:36 Why is LocalBitcoins popular in developing countries?
    3:17 What are the advantages and the disadvantages of being based in Finland?
    5:18 Why does LocalBitcoins support only Bitcoin?
    6:17 What has been done to limit criminal activity on LocalBitcoins?
    8:07 How did the tightening of verification procedures impact LocalBitcoins’ competitive advantage?
    9:56 What has caused the recent drop in trading volume on LocalBitcoins?
    12:54 What are you doing to prevent accounts from being sold on the dark web?
    14:42 Why is trading volume spiking in Latin America?

  2. These KYC requirements are NOT really meant to fight fraud. The globalist socialist elites are using it to control us, to make sure we cannot have financial privacy, which is actually a human fcking right.

  3. To my personal opinion, KYC actually doesn’t stop fraud other than giving enormous data to people which can even be detrimental and we have seen it happen before. Moreover, people may want their privacy on Bitcoin for so many reasons. i have mixed at Bitcoinmix a couple of times because I was escaping fraudsters.

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