Why you should not promote your Bitcoin for the following 100 years | Interview with Michael Saylor

Be a part of Group Electrical energy co-founder Austin Davis as he interviews Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor. What are the thermodynamic properties of Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin actually a as soon as in a thousand-year alternative? Why has Saylor determined to carry his Bitcoin for the following hundred years? Discover out on this unique Cointelegraph interview!

0:00 Intro
1:37 What’s the boat behind you?
2:27 What drove you to historical past?
3:09 What path of engineering did you’re taking?
4:03 What are the ‘thermodynamics of Bitcoin’?
9:05 What’s going to occur to Bitcoin in 2141 when the final bitcoins are mined?
12:22 Sooner or later, will Bitcoin turn into the usual comparative forex?
18:26 How will Bitcoin’s future shortage examine to that of treasured metals?
22:32 How does the historical past of protocols inform an understanding of Bitcoin?
26:24 Will Bitcoin mining stay decentralized sooner or later?
30:43 Why ought to most of the people take note of Bitcoin?

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  1. 0:00 Intro
    1:37 What is the boat behind you?
    2:27 What drove you to history?
    3:09 What path of engineering did you take?
    4:03 What are the ‘thermodynamics of Bitcoin’?
    9:05 What will happen to Bitcoin in 2141 when the last bitcoins are mined?
    12:22 In the future, will Bitcoin become the standard comparative currency?
    18:26 How will Bitcoin’s future scarcity compare to that of precious metals?
    22:32 How does the history of protocols inform an understanding of Bitcoin?
    26:24 Will Bitcoin mining remain decentralized in the future?
    30:43 Why should the general public pay attention to Bitcoin?

  2. I better take my vitamins and exercise moderately. 100 years isn’t going to be an easy mark to make this far in already.

  3. Asteroid mining will never work bc you bring more. You break scarcity. No incentive to bring 200 tons of diamonds to devalue their price.


  5. “The system is secure as long as honest nodes collectively control more CPU power than any cooperating group of attacker nodes” – Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. China with quantum computing: “hold my beer.”

  6. Micheal Saylor just dropped a gem at 17:54 to 18:25. That is my retirement strategy right there.

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  9. You cant predict anything a hundred years ahead except we will be dead, probably along with BTC.

  10. So if you start borrowing against your massive bag of bitcoin, you still need an income to repay the loan….

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  14. The grim reaper is smarter than Michael Saylor. But then again, Michael Saylor is just talking out of his own ass for his own personal profit.

  15. In 100 years, nobody alive today is going to give a sh!t about bitcoin, but where they ended up in the afterlife.

  16. but BTC is the most tracked crypto- Billions of dollars is being invested in companies that have developed cutting-edge tracking tools. Numerous government agencies are investing in auditing tools to see exactly what you are getting up to on the blockchain

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  18. Okay. Let’s do it! Everyone who owns bitcoin now gives it back and then we divide it over the world population and they live happy ever after.

    And if we don’t I tell you, we still are doing the same bullshit you are all so gutted about.
    Taylor is in my opinion not a revolutionair or a philosophic mind. He sounds more like a shifty carseller. Stop being retoric about thermodynamics. It is, not at all, comparable. Economics are a fluctual reality based on how we perceive it and not bounded to the real world because the main purpose is to serve human needs. Don’t tell me that in a bitcoin based economy everything will be different, it’s an utopia that leads to anarchy and nothing else. I’ve already seen the endpoint. It is a good thing we are now all activited to rethink our concept of money and ownership. We should, because our debt driven system is probably going to crash. I think bitcoin as we have it now is a dead end road because it will not change a thing.

    All people who own and promote bitcoin only get more wealth so of course you’re telling and selling this story.
    This is not a path that leads to a better future. It is the same old road we’re already on.
    I have a thought experiment to illustrate this.

    If an institution that can create money out of nothing (like the federal bank) , would buy all the bitcoin that exists, what would happen to bitcoin?

  19. Trust me anyone watching this right now is in search for innovation that will change the way we work,and only the new age dream traders are willing to share and not dribble.

  20. Great! Radix comes out with breakthrough in having unlimited scalability, worth to know

  21. Stock= Beat the index sp500 (warren buffet, Peter Lynch, etc).
    Crypto= Beat the Bitcoin ( ? , ? ) .
    That is success investment.

  22. Great video thanks for sharing 👍 Michael Saylor that is so cool you know how engineer spaceships I’m Jealous lol and go Bitcoin 👍

  23. So I’m just starting 0ut investing in bitcoin. Going to start investing %10 of my paycheck each month. Hopefully I’m not too late to the party? 😬

  24. Why would the Banks fear Bitcoin ?   If Bitcoin destroyed the banks the dollar would be destroyed and bitcoin would be WORTHLESS as well ! Good luck finding someone at that point that will give you REAL GOLD for your WANNA be GOLD called Bitcoin !  This proves why the Banks created Bitcoin   The NWO Loves Bitcoin “Bitcoin IS the global digital currency (reset) we’ve been hearing about. It is the FedCoin / digital dollar. That’s why it was dropped anonymously.  Why the hell do you think all of these FED member Banks & Wall Street are integrating it into every area of their systems/framework?  You thought BTC was Banker Kryptonite?? Why do you think the big tech companies are now moving their excess “cash” positions into it?”  You Bitcoin people need to pull your head out ! Bitcoin is worse than paper money in all ways! You cant touch it you cant hide it you cant use it without a computer Ect .Ect. It’s the bankers wet dream – The mark of the beast cashless society. The answer is gold and silver coins marked in purity and weight with no face value circulating as money And it would be just as covenant as paper money is today. You will have a debt card just like today.  The only gold in the bank is what you choose to store there ! Paper and electronic currency doesn’t solve the problem ! It leaves the door wide open for the banks to create all the out of thin air debt as they like ! Just like what we have today ! So wake up ! It’s time to shake the bitcoin allusion Its a get rich quick scheme and the bankers dream.    We only trade in gold and Silver coin with only a purity and weight ! This way the coins don’t disappear from circulation when they devalue there bank notes ! Or better yet outlaw paper notes. That’s why we don’t put a dollar amount on the coins ! They ALWAYS print print print! Then we will go back to the days when a Silver Dime will buy a double scoop ice cream and a Silver Quarter will buy a gallon of Gas or MORE ! And the prices would stabilize A Silver 1964 Quarter Today buys over $5.00 and a Silver 1964 Dime buys over $2.00   @t

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  26. What’s making bitcoin go up in value?…governments printing fiat dollars if not for that bitcoin would not go up in fiat dollars.

  27. These exchanges are ripping off people buying and selling these coins..lets talk about that.

  28. There’s more assets on the asteroids…..
    Wow. Thats should a be pretty reliable source. Too bad we’ve not even been to the moon yet.

  29. So what is the issue with people not realizing that there is gold in every single electron it device because it is the best conductor on the fucking plane? You put energy in at one side… You get the same amount of energy at the other side… No resistance no drop.
    Wow. So if you don’t have any gold… Your ass don’t have any technology. Talk about fucking worthless. Wow

  30. I am buying bitcoin on credit I’m using a 6k credit card no interest for 18 months.

  31. Wow inspiration. … a slave ship hmmm, no wonder yall say let’s make America great again

  32. Public : What makes you think you are so smart?? Are you a rocket scientist?

    Michael : Yes


  33. Bitcoin is limited but 8000 other cryptocurrencies aren’t, and they function the same way, or even faster and cheaper. I wonder if Michael Saylor has addressed this topic.

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  35. Great Bitcoin explain. Bitcoin is digital gold real estate.
    Thanks for the slide presentation also during the interview.😎

  36. Crypto is being ran by younger generations that understand computers and tech much better than the older stock investors that currently have all the money, and mostly don’t get crypto. Basically, it can’t be stopped. The world is all computerized now, and is being shaped for the future, not for old dying investors. There’s no stopping it. People look at history and assume that if it hasn’t happened before it can never happen. That’s so dumb. Currency hasn’t been upended until now because only now do we have the tech to do it.

  37. Then wtf is the point. Eventually something has to be used as currency if we are to replace fiat and infinite, unsound government money

  38. 100 years ill be a bitcoin bizzilianair. I’ll also be very dead but what ever. I’m rich BEEYOTCH!

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