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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation: The oil worth is collapsing! I am going to use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. Watch the video to study extra!

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  1. Oil is @ 5 cents / Bbl… this is scary. The market will continue to be propped up by the fed.

  2. That’s mean electric cars technology will stop for long soo when idea collapse oil will back to $100 conspiracy !!!!!

  3. “do you think that the oil price could go to five dollars”

    Try NEGATIVE five 😂😂😂

  4. Oil is in negative price, LoL. That must be a great sign for stock market as it has been going up during unemployment skyrocketing. Dow to 30000 moon is the limit now

  5. i say bitcoin will go down, but if the price of oil went down during the time of the halving, i still think bitcoin would go down, everything right now is loosing value, only thing holding up is GOLD.

  6. Personally I say GREAT NEWS about oil crashing!!

    I don’t see any correlation with BTC outside of fear of the unknown. And EVERYTHING FALLS in this case.

    It’s been a fake market for decades and the US shale doesn’t even make money except for thehe banks, so I say let the banks crash and let’s get on with this shit show of a Depression so we can start to figure out the other side.

    Hopefully we as world citizens will demand a better system where banking isn’t the controller of trade.

  7. When all these oil companies start to fail, and the economy tries to recover by demanding more oil. Prices are gonna sky rocket upwards

  8. May future contacts just closed at NEGATIVE $37.63!!! That’s -300% on the day. They are out of storage and theoretically paying $37/bbl to have oil taken and stored right now. Totally normal…

  9. BTC def seems to be following stock market macro trends. This oil catastrophe is one of them. It might be the crack in the dam whales and miners have been looking for before the halving to suppress the price, then banks wuld also short the crap out of BTC. Be patient wait for the real dip in abt 2 weeks.

  10. “oil -34% this doesn’t happen, it’s unheard of!!” (A couple of hours later)…-289%💥!!!😲

  11. Oil price falls might make Bitcoin miners electricity costs reduce and increase mining profitability?

    Big news 🌎 that Litecoin can now be used to make direct purchases of vouchers for top companies worldwide via the Trezor hardware wallet. Amazon, Apple 🍏 and many more included…….

  12. CLK20, the May contract to expire tomorrow, actually went to -$37.63. It actually went to a NEGATIVE PRICE. It happened because consumers ran out of storage space and were unwilling to buy the futures from LONG speculators looking to get out. The consumers (like refineries or airlines, etc) would only accept $37.63/barrel, being PAID to take delivery of the physical barrels of oil.

  13. ⭕ ChainLink is doing very well. Check it out on the MONTHLY LINK / BTC Chart. Since 2017 it has an upward trend unlike almost all Altcoin.😉
    – In just one year, from last May to the current date, the price of Bitcoin has multiplied by ChainLink by 5. That is, if you had invested in Chailink a year ago, today you had 5 times more bitcoin.
    ⛔ Aléjate del Trading. Do not trade with short-term investments because the risk of losing your money is extremely high.
    👉 It is better to invest only in the medium or long term, so you are concerned if the price rises or falls in the short term.

  14. Cryptotubers are so bored with Bitcoin they’ll be making videos about Lego charts soon

  15. Now think about this for a second. If the Fed didn’t print trillions of dollars, the market would be FAIR. And everyone could buy stocks at discount prices, at the risk of bankruptcies, of course. This would mean that more people would be able to compete in a fair market. Additionally it would mean that more ultra-rich people could become downgraded, and more people form the lower classes—at least those smart enought to invest—could be upgraded. The Fed is effectively preventing fair competition. They’re helping their friends, as usual. Worst of all, they’re making _you_ pay for it! Because all of that money comes directly out of your pocket, from devaluing the currency, and from increased taxation to cover rising debts. Why people in Missoury are protesting the lockdown, and not storming the Fed right now, is completely beyond me, but I guess people are easily fooled.

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    Use my code josefillo88

  20. Good news or bad news Always try to increase your crypto by trading rather than holding. As for me Josephine Raymond is helping me increase mine massively.

  21. 1:29 hola!!! re lindo video me encanto ansioso de el nuevo éxito me retiro les dejo besis gracias

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