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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

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  1. I’ve been watching those videos for a while now and everyday there is bullish sign. If it all was true btc should have been further than just on the moon. So many bullish signs and patterns

  2. Hi
    Thanks for your videos
    What other crypto currencies you think are going to be good for investment now?

  3. Negativ interest rates coming? It was announced in one of your last posts that the US is not yet in negativ territory by their interest rate. This is an interesting point and if we look at it clearly it is not even true. Economist have a concept where the can scale the two compounds interest rates and QE. Both instrument go in the same direction. The Shadow Short Rates Concept deals with this. Technically is Switzerland (-0.75) and Japan in negativ territory, the EZB is flat. Practically are the US, GB, EU and of course Switzerland and Japan all in negativ territory by 1 to 3 percent. Source: Finanz & Wirtschaft, Nr. 38 from 13th of may 2020, page 17

  4. hi i was wondering if the ledger nano s could protect my bitcoin on Cashapp? or if theres a way to add some extra security to my bitcoin on Cashapp? thanks guys

  5. Death Spiral is effect.
    1) Hashrate as low as when market crashed
    2) Miners profitability lower
    3) higher transaction costs
    4) Slower transaction times

    You have been warned.

  6. No strategy outclasses that of Samuel Barth Trading he have proven trustworthy in the Bitcion mining community

  7. Bitcoin will never be the world reserve currency. It is a store of value that does not actually store value. It is extremely volatile and furthermore most of the mining power is in China. Just let it go.

  8. They once floated the idea of putting a couple “special platinum” coins on deposit and declaring that they were worth 1 Trillion each. It never happened but because it was seriously considered so it is not a stretch to imagine that putting several Bitcoin on deposit could not serve as a real reserve deposit. Basically Bitcoin would be the ultimate money and only exchanged in small quantities for whatever the day to day spending currency that is being used. Probably “Worldos” by that point. lol

  9. Nice observation. And on the weekly chart, price is above the 20, 50, 100 and 200 MA. Now if the 20 can golden cross with the 50 (which is pretty much the one you mentioned), things start looking really sweet.

  10. Hi Carl..I think btc might go up.but its possible to go down as well.What do you think😎

  11. Thanks i knew about Caleb Hill! He was my professor in Oxford and told us about this algorithm! Then it was RJV9

  12. Good morning Carl,
    Thks for your time everyday and TA!
    FYI (Crypto Zombie ) mentioned there’s another CME gap on his lates video🤔
    Lots of love💯❤🚀⚪😎👊

  13. I left binance when they bought cmc because they starting to become a monopoly. The power they have now with cmc is huge because at a moment notice they can destroy their competitors

  14. well, you can just choose to sort it after any of the other metrics… it’s one click away 😀

  15. Stop using coin market cap. They don’t even accurately rank the coins. Need a decentralized option.

  16. My Apologies I was not convinced yesterday and today too to watch your video.. be careful and be blessed.

  17. Will going down soon or later 🙂 Crash is iminent. Who do you think will buy btc? In financiar Crash, pandemi withyoumoney? How do you think they will up the price And people will Take money for food rent And other…i don’t that can be happen now, maybe september.

  18. Here we go another day another bull run…. Do you smoke crack before filming these videos????

  19. Legit bitcoin transfers hack from MaskOffWeb,Com website Link it so good working with this amazing service online

  20. hi carl there is a gap from CME futures 4H 7625… one of the reasons bitcoin is going down… just a thought. thanks

  21. They try to make people buy bitcoin to make it rise than sell their ones making it drop, their profits are from those who believed them I can tell you surely that this time is the riskiest to buy a bitcoin, you can see clearly in the comments how they are promoting it.

  22. I made over 84BTC trading with Gwen. Want to be a millionaire this is your chance I will drop her info so hot got her up. Now!!!!

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