WTF is Cortex Cryptocurrency?!

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  1. The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

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  3. On the video on how to mine cortex, you used a RX 6800, but on the documentation, it says it supports only Nvidia cards

  4. is it even possible to mine with 2070 super? i tried fallowing ur guide mate but it says all devices failed compatibility check and it quits.

  5. I feel blessed because if I wanted to see someone next Tuesday I would not give them a super informative moon rocket of a video twice a day <3 ilu blindrod

  6. Started following this whole crypto currency craze . First looked interesting. Now I think big nonsense the whole idea is a joke

  7. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individual’s life plan , in some months time you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  8. I like this … NVIDIA targeting system sensors to lock on Cortex like Eth – 🎯 💥 💣

    I hope not. Can someone with the funds please sue Nvidia for driver locks on mining? 😭

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  10. Wow, what a waste of time. You talk so long and still somehow manage not to mention THE ACTUAL PROFITABILITY with a single word – amazin’…

  11. Why ethermine. Org coinbase and crypto dot com have all different prices of eth…the difference of almost 30$

  12. Can you do a video for wallets for bitcoin? Learned how to mine and wallets from you. I have some eth and raven coin. But would like to hold maybe .01 bitcoin and not sure a safe place to hold. Newbie here and made $110 cash and hold $200 in 3 months from learning from you. Thanks for the videos

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  14. why would anyone run a node on this? Why use a GPU for a node, with no reward, when it can mine for a return? Also, is this right? shows only 40 nodes? Also 39 models? If thats true there’s almost nobody using Cortex, which looks like it’s going nowhere. Last thing, if its not on exchanges I can use I’m not going to mine it. I’d like to though! I like the idea of this project.

  15. Does this mean your gpu is used for executing AI while mining? Or how is this AI decentralized? I think if it is being executed by miners, that could potentially be dangerous if exploited

  16. People have tried to make ASIC resistant mining algorithms before, without much success. FPGA’s are never far behind any particular algorithm. Sounds like a “mine it and sell it while you can” kind of coin

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  18. Great vid as always. Can you do a vid on conflux? I have heard a bit about it but was wondering if it will be good to mine as well. Thank you for all you do for us.

  19. Is there a high dag size on cortex mining? Because i tried mining ut today and it showed a “memory check failed” on lolminer, am using an rx 470 4gb for testing

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